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Mathias Herbst is our Master luthier and product designer. He studied Musical Instrument Technology at London Guildhall and London Metropolitan Universities, where he was awarded with BSc (hons) and Master degrees, specialising in guitar building and electronics for musical applications. He worked in Denmark Street, London for several years, building and repairing guitars for BJ & Byrne and Wunjo Guitars. Mathias is also a lecturer at London Metropolitan University teaching guitar making.

Mathias is happy to discuss, design and build your custom instrument. You can choose from any timber, hardware, pick-ups and finishes available on the market and Mat will advise you on shape and design possibilities. We prefer through-neck constructions for tonal qualities and ergonomics but bolt-on and set neck options are also available.

Prices for Herbst Guitar Technologies Custom Shop guitars and basses start at £1500

The guitar building process from start to finish

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