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Herbst Guitar Technologies Basses are crafted from the highest quality tonewoods. Where possible we use timber from sustainable sources, grown in managed forests in Europe. Exotic tonewoods and timbers from North America are also available on request.

All basses are constructed with a through-neck for its superior sustain and ergonomic qualities.

For a minimal environmental impact we finish our basses with water based lacquers or oil/wax finishes but alternative finishes are also available.

All instruments are custom built. Therefore, the customer can specify timber, neck dimensions, pick-up and hardware choices differing from the standard models during the ordering process.

Piranha bass 2009.jpg Pirahna bass 2007 active.jpg piranha bass 2004.jpg

The Piranha bass features a through-neck, a carved body, 22 or 24 frets, 864mm scale length. Short scale (762mm), 5/6-string and active systems are optional. Any Piranha bass can be customised to your specifications.

Piranha basses start at £1500.

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