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We are dedicated to provide guitar and bass repair services to the highest professional standard. Our workshop is situated in East London’s Limehouse (Cable Street Studios, Unit 121, 566 Cable St, E1W 3HB). The workshop is close to Limehouse Rail DLR stations and bus routes D3, 15, 115, 135.

To arrange an appointment call Mathias on 079 4988 9665 or email contact@herbstguitars.co.uk.

Set ups

It doesn’t matter what kind of instrument you play, if acoustic or electric, low budget or high end, a pro set up will improve the playability and sound of your instrument. A full set up includes adjustment of string high, relief, intonation and pick-ups.

Repair, Restoration and Mods

We also provide a wide range of repair services for structural damage (loose struts, wood cracks, headstock breaks, lifting bridge etc.) and worn parts (nuts, saddles, tuners, frets, electrics etc.) as well as complete restoration of vintage instruments, refinishes and any modifications.

Repair Price List:

Set up: from £40

Fret Dress (incl. Set up): from £70

Refret: from £120

Bone Nut / Saddle Replacement (incl. bone): from £30

Pot / Switch / Jack (incl. Jack) / Pick-up / Tuner Replacement: £15

Full Electrics: from £50

Pick-up Cavity Routing: from £40

Acoustic Pick-up Installation: from £30

Headstock Repair: from £50

Neck Reset: from £200

Soundboard Crack Repair: from £40

Strut Reglue: from £40

Bridge Reglue: from £40

Refinish: ask

If you have several issues with your instrument, discounts do apply.

Parts, Materials or Strings are not included in the price unless stated other wise.

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